Diversity & Inclusion Policy

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Harwoods in Sutton Coldfield – call 0121 355 0901 or email info@harwoods-account.co.uk

Burrows Scarborough is committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive business and working environment that respects and celebrates difference.

We want to be a company where everyone feels able to participate fully, without discrimination, and achieve their full potential.

The company’s commitment to equality and diversity is endorsed and led by the company’s owners, directors and management.

Inclusion, equality and diversity are about valuing our people at all levels, wherever they work and whatever they do.

Burrows Scaborough believe that promoting and supporting inclusiveness and making the most of diversity is good for our business and brings many benefits, including improved employee engagement, better motivation and increased effectiveness with all our stakeholders.

We believe in equality and that there should not be discrimination, whether by age, disability, gender, gender reassignment, race/ethnicity, faith, religion or belief, sexual orientation, socio economic background, pregnancy/maternity, marriage and civil partnership or in any form or on any grounds.

Our goal is to ensure that this commitment translates into action throughout our operations and that equality and fairness become embedded into our everyday activities.

Diversity data - Surveyed March 2023, March 2021 & March 2019

We act as accountants and advisers to a diverse and broad range of clients from a broad cross section of society and we wish to be inclusive in all aspects of our operation. There is equal opportunity and no discrimination within the firm whether by way of gender, age, ethnicity, disability, socio economic background, sexual orientation and/or any other personal circumstance, characteristic or attribute. We try to take a positive attitude and stance to encourage diversity and inclusiveness and be open minded and have introduced policies in the spirit of embracing this.

We employ approximately 15 staff, some of which are long serving and we have relatively little staff turnover and few leavers and/or starters. Overall there are more female than male employees - with some females holding senior and managerial positions and there is no gender pay gap. We have a mixture of full and part time staff. In terms of age staff have been employed from school leavers and those training for a recognised professional qualification through apprenticeships to beyond state retirement age. Most staff turnaround has been experienced with accounts trainees who seek different employment and experience. In terms of ethnicity staff have included individuals of caucasian and Asian origin. A member of current staff has a disability according to the definition in the Equalities Act and we have also employed in the past an individual with epilepsy. We do not discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation but despite being circulated staff have not (due we believe to staff attitude towards their own privacy) disclosed their sexual orientation and other personal information/profiles. We respect individual privacy and confidentiality and the information/data we are therefore able to publish/disclose is somewhat generic and limited.