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Personal tax returns


Landlords are required to prepare and submit annual self-assessment tax returns to HM Revenue and Customs. We offer a specialist tax return service to landlords. Whilst preparing your tax returns, as well as ensuring accurate rental information is presented on the return, we:

  • Ensure you are claiming costs you are entitled to claim
  • Ensure you are aware of any changes in legislation that affects you
  • Where appropriate, calculate tax relief on mortgage interest under the new tax rules

Landlord Tax Planning Review

We offer a full landlord tax planning review service. As part of this review, we:

  • Review the impact of the new tax rules on loan interest being phased in up to the 2020/21 tax year
  • Review impact of other changes in the tax legislation that may affect the tax position of the landlord
  • Review ownership of the property and advise if a different split of ownership would result in a more favourable tax position. If a different ownership structure was appropriate, we would advise on the tax implications of such a change and assist in the completion of any forms required by HMRC
  • We would consider if property ownership in a limited company is more appropriate in the given circumstances and would advise on the tax consequences of any proposed transfer
  • We review the capital gains tax position of properties in the portfolio and ensure the landlord is aware of the current position to enable them to make informed decisions regarding the sale of any property

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