Limited Company Accounts & Tax

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We prepare the accounts and corporation tax returns for limited companies from a wide range of industries, with turnovers ranging from £1 to £100 million.

Limited Company Accounts & Tax

Preparation of Annual Accounts

When preparing your accounts, we advise you of the presentation options (e.g. FRS102, FRS102(1A) and FRS105), ensuring you are fully aware of regulatory and public filing requirements & options. We also ensure that you understand the numbers in the accounts and the historical performance of the business— which helps you to identify areas for improvement.

Corporation Tax Service

As part of our annual corporation tax service, we:

  • Perform a remuneration planning review, where we consider if monies are being taken out of the company in the most tax efficient manner and suggest more tax-efficient alternatives where available.
  • Review the ownership structure of businesses and advise of any tax-efficient alternatives.
  • Ensure the company is following HMRC guidelines in relation to corporation tax.
  • Ensure the company is claiming for all tax deductions it is entitled to.
  • Review expenses to ensure they are allowed for corporation tax purposes.
  • Calculate tax computational adjustments as necessary.
  • Advise on capital allowances available and calculate & claim capital allowances where appropriate.
  • Complete the company’s tax computation and tax return form CT600
  • Deal with deferred tax adjustments in the accounts where necessary.

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