Other Services

Burrows Scarborough in Coventry - call 024 7671 7633 or email info@burrows-scarborough.co.uk
Harwoods in Sutton Coldfield – call 0121 355 0901 or email info@harwoods-account.co.uk

Other Services we provide include:

Inheritance Tax

It has often been said that Inheritance Tax (IHT) is a voluntary tax as action can be taken by individuals before death to reduce or eliminate IHT liabilities on death. However, the need for assets and income in retirement limits the giving of gifts during lifetime. We can help you to understand your exposure to Inheritance Tax and advise on steps that can be taken to reduce it.

Business Plans

Often needed to support bank lending, we can prepare a business plan to support your finance applications.

Forecasts and budgets

We can prepare detailed forecasts, projections and budgets for your business to either assist in raising finance or to help with business improvement and management.

FD Support

We provide business owners with monthly, quarterly or six monthly business support meetings, covering any areas of business improvement. We listen to your issues and provide constructive feedback and ideas — helping you to focus ON your business, not IN your business.

Other business services provided by our local partners

Financial Advice

Our local connections can provide a range of financial advice to our clients on areas such as Pensions, Investments, Protection and Mortgages. Working closely with these advisers enables us to provide efficient, timely services relating to tax planning on pensions and act quickly when accounts and tax returns are needed for mortgage purposes.

Cost reduction and management

Through our local Auditel cost management consultant, we can help you to reduce your business overheads. Examples of areas covered are telecoms, energy management, merchant cards and consumables.


We can introduce you to an insurance broker who can assess the insurance needs of your business, find the most suitable insurer for your business and ensure you are appropriately covered.

Human Resources

We can introduce you to a local human resources specialist who can provide assistance on all things employee related.


We can introduce you to a local solicitor if you need one for business or personal purposes.